Saturday, 3 November 2012

Foh San Dim Sum 富山点心

Well..this is my first post as I'm super boring staying alone in MMMC Girls' Hostel if I'm not going back to the nostalgic Ipoh. So I have decided to have a blog to share my food trip, mostly based in Ipoh...sometimes Taiping, Penang and Hatyai.

First, I'm going to introduce the most famous dim sum restaurant in Ipoh..Foh San..erm...actually it was my 2nd visit to New Foh San as my dad kept on complaining new Foh San is not nice at all..well..I insisted to have a tried after few years...*my first visit was kinda a bad experience..extremely depressed with the food...
lets see how is the 2nd visit now

Fried Radish Cake --- strongly recommended

first round

yin ying gao..walnut with some minced meat..if u dont like walnut...pls dont order...

typical prawn dumpling...nothing special..but quite fresh n big..but i personally prefer yoke fuk moon one

steamed fish ball...not bad

Big Bun (dai Bao)...quite nice..though the best is the one in Falim

erm...not bad..but there are much better one dont waste money wat here

yuks...DONT disgusting

Mummy liked this..waterchestnut cake so...

also mummy liked this so much...

nice to try but not delicious...rm 4
double-skin steamed milk
I forgot to take the photo of fried glutinuous rice...which was extremely nice...I will give a try on the lotus leaf rice next time...^^..actually I left out so many stuff din try as my parents din eat much..they both dont like dim sum...they just accompanied me to eat..haha

Total Damage: RM69...for 3 people..(also bbq bun that i din take photo of it..too hungry)
Price is slightly expensive as they keep on increasing the price few times a year..

Environment: 5/5
Service: 4/5 (kinda slow but still friendly)
Food: 3.5/5 (slightly better than last visit)
Price: 3/5

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